Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to get to Bantayan Island in Cebu Philippines?

Cebu Tour: Bantayan island is in the west of the northern end of Cebu, Philippines. And this post will guide you on how to get there. If it is your first time and if you're not from Cebu, it's better to take some of these suggestions we have for you. It is nice if you could do travel arrangements or reservations to a Cebuano travel agency for a smooth trip to the island and hassle-free travel. Will give you the details below.

How to contact a travel agency in Cebu?

iFly Travels is an online-based ticketing and travel agency that is affiliated with Smartway Travel and Tours and is in partnership with Arlei Travel for its transportation services as well. Feel free to inquire.

Contact details:

Landline: 032-316-4685
Mobile: 0905-999-1195
Look for: Jilly or Jon 

They have a lot of tour packages for you to choose from.

What's the first thing to you need to do?

Of course, in every trip or vacation you will do, you have to PLAN. You have to consider booking a plane ticket, reserve hotel accommodation, arrange pick up transpo services and draft itinerary. It's best to do your own online research going to Bantayan Island. Read blogs if possible. And contact local travel agencies. Here in Cebu, we recommend, iFly Travels. Once you're done, prepare yourself and wait for the final day of the trip!

In this juncture, we will share our experiences or what we call our own travel itinerary to Bantayan Island in Cebu, Philippines.

We are a group of 10 Cebu-based bloggers and had planned a summer getaway to this captivating island found in the northern part of Cebu. Just for an overnight escapade to the island as we badly needed it. This video (below) sums up our entire Bantayan island fun!


Day 1

5:00 AM - Assembly time. We gathered at McDo, The Walk in Asia Town IT Park and took our earliest breakfast. We thought it's the most conducive meeting place.

5:45 AM - We took a coaster as our transportation heading to Hagnaya Port courtesy of Arlei Travel. We have to catch the ferry schedule at 9:30 AM.

8:45 AM - We arrived at Hagnaya Port. We then purchased our ferry tickets. As of April 2017, ticket price to Bantayan Island from Hagnaya Port is Php 170 for adults, Php 85 for children. Prepare Php 10 for the terminal fee.

9:30 AM - The ferry boat left bound for Bantayan Island Port.

10:30 AM - We arrived at the Bantayan Island Port in Sta. Fe. All tourists arriving in the island are required to pay the Ecological fee of Php 30 at the Tourism Office in the terminal.

After paying the necessary Ecological fee, we hired 2 local cab drivers that brought us to our booked accommodation at Yooneek Inn. Fare is at Php 20/head.

Since it's summer, it is expected that resorts are fully-booked! Good thing we found a good place with a fair price for our overnight stay at Yooneek Inn. We are assured with our reservation with an advance down payment and settled the balance upon check out. Just convenient!

10:45 AM - Check in at Yooneek Inn.

12:00 NN - We had lunch somewhere at the market. There are a lot of restaurants you can choose from. It's near MJ square. That's the landmark. Feel free to ask the locals.

1:30 PM - Pictorials at the beach.

2:30 PM - We booked a pumped boat/bangka for Php 1200 to bring us to Hilantagaan island for snorkeling and the Virgin Island for our sunset pictorials. Please note that Virgin island will collect an entrance fee of Php 130.

5:30 PM - We head back to Bantayan island from Virgin island.

7:00 PM - Dinner at MJ Square.

8:30 PM
- Back to Yooneek Inn.

10:30 PM
- We bought drinks and snacks at a convenience store after dinner and we went to Yooneek Beach Resort (which is the partner resort where we were staying) for our drinking or "tagay" session with the gang.

1:00 AM - Back to Yooneek Inn.

Day 2

8:00 AM - Morning rise and beach pictorials, light breakfast, coffee

10:30 AM - BRUNCH

11:30 AM
- Another beach photo shoot and photo op at "Camp Sawi" in Kota Beach.

12:30 PM - Check out and off to Bantayan Island port terminal. Ferry fare is at Php 170.  Don't forget the terminal fee of Php 5.00 and another Cebu Port Terminal fee of Php 5.00 at the end of the terminal point to be collected.

1:30 PM - Off to Hagnaya Port.

2:30 PM - Back to Cebu City and this time took a van courtesy of Arlei Travel.

6:00 PM - Home sweet home!

If you have further questions and inquiries, please feel free to comment below or PM us on our facebook page as indicated above.