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How to get to Cebu Safari Adventure Park?

Cebu Safari- The Philippine's largest zoological park is found in Cebu at Barangay Corte, Carmen. Its official trade name is Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. It is owned by a Cebuano Business Tycoon with French descent, Senyorito Michel J. Lhuillier. The park spreads in around 170 hectares out from the owner's 2,000 hectares property. It is definitely a huge park to have an adventure on! As we've been told, continuous development of the safari started 40 years ago and is still ongoing up to this day!

Photo Credit: Arlei Travel and Tours


How to get to Cebu Safari?

Hire a Van Transpo

We have formulated our own route. Since we both live nearby Lahug and Apas in Cebu City, we had our assembly place at Jollibee in IT PARK and took a light breaky at around 7:30 A.M.

At around 8:30 A.M. we left bound to Carmen, Cebu courtesy of our Van Transpo service, Arlei Travel and Tours. Should you want to book them now, call or sms: 0917-777-0045. Mention you've referred by Hershey of iFly Travels and you might get a FREEBIE just by telling it out. Love us for that!

Arlei will definitely take care of your ride making sure it is comfortable, smooth and hassle-free! That's the most important thing, right? Talk about convenience.

Travel period bound to the Cebu Safari from our starting point is around 2-3 hours. But we were able to reach our destination at around 10:30 AM. Well, it's a saturday and the odds are in our favor, there is no to minimal traffic obstruction to our route.

Photo Credit: Arlei Travel and Tours

Via Public Bus

Head to Cebu North Bus Terminal and ask for the bus bound to Carmen. Fare is around Php 40  (as of April 2018). Tell the driver or 'kundoktor' to drop you off at the Carmen Public Market. From there, hire a 'habal-habal' driver and ask to take you to the Cebu Safari. It's around 9 km from the hi-way. Fare is Php 40 (as of April 2018).

You will know if it's the right route when you see a signage "To Cebu Safari and Adventure Park". Easy!

From the main entrance gate of the park, you can wait or ask the guard on duty to request a tram for you to take you to the Welcome lobby of the park.

How much is the entrance fee?

As of April 14, 2018, Adult is charged Php 800 and Kids with height 2 to 3 ft tall gets 50% off. If below 2 ft tall, it's FREE! LUNCH is already inclusive (yay, at least during our visit).  But, but, but, we were told that when the park starts to have their Bird Show program, lunch will NO LONGER be inclusive. *could be a sad part* Senior citizens and PWD will definitely have discounts too.

Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM.
Opening Days (it is still on soft opening as of April 2018): Thursdays to Sundays and Holidays

You will also not be allowed to bring outside food and drinks when you enter.  Don't worry, there are food outlets and a few food kiosks (like Auntie Anne's) where you can buy food and drinks. You can still LIVE!


Tips before going to the Cebu Safari

-They do still cater to reservations and the best way to RESERVE is by email at
-Walk-ins are welcome but the Safari only limits to 2,000 guests per day as of the moment. Closing time for guests to check in is at 2 PM. Be sure to be there on or before closing time. Lucky for us, we went there in the morning as walk-ins.
 -Wear comfy clothes and shoes! Don't wear heels! Swear!
-Definitely, bring extra shirts and towels. It could be extremely hot. Hats and caps are highly suggested.
-Be prepared, bring an umbrella in case it will suddenly rain. There were rain showers when we went there while taking our lunch.
-Pack light, don't carry too much in your bag.
-Bring your most fave camera, or perhaps, your phone. Make sure it's fully charged and lots of memory storage. Have a power bank with you all the time. Note, there is NO Cellular Signal in the site.
-Selfie sticks and flash photography is not allowed.
-No picking of flowers in Michel's Garden!

Suggested routes when in the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Since we arrived almost lunch time, we opted to take our one round buffet first. At that time (April 2018), it is still FREE! We had ours at the SAFARI OUTPOST (pavilion). Expect to see meerkats and aquatic birds like swans! Just at the left side of it, you can see the Giraffes.

Side tip: When taking your lunch, you will be competing with other guests for tables. Make sure you have someone from the group to look for empty seats and tables. You might end up standing while having your buffet.  In other words, 'para-paraan'.

After taking a hearty meal, we took photos of the Giraffes then headed to the AFRICAN SAVANNAH (which is only open until 2 pm). So we definitely need to schedule it next. But before heading to it, we sneaked to check the cheetahs, tortoise, crocodiles, otters, hyenas and the little pony. Inside the Savannah are zebras, antelopes, wildebeest, impalas, greater kudus, and blesboks. It's a short adventure ride of about 4 mins in a tram. But we hope it could be longer.

Going down, we headed to the ORANGUTOWN (pavilion) to check the orangutans, gibbons, stripped lemurs and the Celebes Macaque. You also have the option to dine here!

The TIGER TURF (pavilion) is just a few blocks so we checked the tigers (of course), deers, peafowls, Visayan warty pigs and the black bucks. You can take your lunch here as well. Across it is the SAFARI STADIUM where we thought the Bird Show will soon be showcased in the park. If this happens, LUNCH will no longer be part of the entrance fee.Wait for their update on their Facebook page.

Just a few meters down the trail is the AVIARY DOME and we found some species of birds. You can feed the birds for only Php 20. Try it!

Our last stop is the MICHEL'S GARDEN. Expect to see a wide-full stretch of blooming species of orchids and Mayana plant. This is one of the nooks in the Adventure park that is very "INSTAGRAMable". And at the Michel's Pavilion is an Auntie Anne's kiosk. So we took time to savor on pretzels and lemonade after a thirsty-escape to the orchid garden.

Shortly after, we headed back the the highway.

What to expect in the next months to come?

-Since it's an Adventure Park, expect zip line activities which is the longest in Asia.
-A giant swing
-Obstacle Course
-Trekking (1 hr) to Carmen's 8 waterfalls
-Sky Bike
-Spider Walk
-A transportation service from Cebu City or Mandaue City or Carmen is planned but for the mean time, there is Arlei Travel and Tours that we suggest to take you there.

More photos on our INSTAGRAM:

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