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Traveling To Taiwan on a Budget

Cebu-Taipei Flights: Taiwan has recently extended a VISA-FREE entry to all Filipinos until July 31, 2019. What would this mean? We can still have about a year and a chance to visit Taipei. This blog article would also disclose an approximate budget for a 6D5N stay in Taiwan. This will give you an overview on how much you need to prepare when traveling to Taipei. If you like more details, pls. visit Taiwan Budget Travel of less than Php 30K.

What are the things you need to prepare?

Air Fare


Pocket Money


Travel Essentials


Here's an example of the itinerary and budget of three friends visiting Taiwan for the first time on a total of 6D5N accommodation.

Air Fare and Airport Fees

- Php 8790 round trip (June 16 to June 21)

- Philippine Travel Tax of Php 1620 to be paid at the airport before you check in.

- Terminal Fee of Php 700 before you go to the Immigration Counter


- Php 4907 for 6D5N booked through AirBnb. The room has 2 queen-sized beds and a sofa bed. Can actually accommodated 3-5 people. It's around 5-7 mins walk to the nearest MRT station.

Pocket Money

-Currency Exchange as of June 2018 is 1 NT = 1. 76 PHP

-Have your Philippine peso exchanged at any local money exchangers. Php 6000 converted to NT 3000. You can use this pocket money to buy food, essentials, and transpo in Taiwan.


-Well, this blog could help you at least on that part. Or you can do your own research online. So here it is:

Day 1

-Arrival at the airport around 10 AM.
-MRT from Airport to Taipei Main Station is about an hour. From the Taipei Main Station, you can now transfer to another station where your AirBnb accommodation might be near at.
-Visit the Observatory at Taipei 101 around 3 pm. You will receive a free 3:15 milk tea bottle. Book a ticket online to save you from the hassle in lining at the counter through KKDAY. Price: Php 890

That's the Damper Ball in the Observatory

Day 2

-Check Taiwan's version of their "Happy Place in the World" at the Leofoo Village Theme Park. Purchase ticket at KKDAY for Php 1702 per person. This is a whole day endeavor.

At Leofoo Village while on a magic carpet ride.

-refer to this blog for a detailed travel plan.

Day 3

-Explore the New Taipei City through their Double Decker Bus Tour. You can purchase the ticket at KLOOK for Php 472 and is good for 8 hours already.
-This is the perfect time for you to get to know the city and their famous landmarks and tourist spots Taipei has to offer.
-Find time to visit any night market whether in Shilin or Linjiang night market.

Inside our Double Decker Bus during our Taipei City exploration

Day 4

-Allocate this day to check Northern Coast of Taiwan for their natural landscapes and attractions.
-Book a ticket for this tour for a stress-free travel at KKDAY for Php 1750.
-With an English tour guide, you will have access to Yehliu for the natural rock formations, Shifen for the sky lantern activity and their Golden waterfalls, and Jiufen to get the oldest street market feel of Taiwan.

The famous Queen's head rock formation as our background.

We lifted our wishes up through this sky lantern in Shifen

-Find time to visit any Ding Tai Fung restaurant for the famous Xiao Long Bao.
-Check some night market and have a taste of their authentic milk tea.

Day 5

-Make this an OPEN day and you may decide to visit you might just feel to check.
-It could be a shopping day for you. Maybe check IKEA store as well.
-Are you a fan of Meteor Garden? Then check out P.S. Bubu Cafe in Shilin.
-A visit to Raohe Night Market for last day shopping for pasalubongs and souvenirs.
-It could just be any other activity you want.

The Raohe Night Market

Day 6

-Be ready to go home back to PH.

Travel Essentials

Of course, prepare your passport. Travel documents like your return tickets, print outs of your accommodation, kkday and klook tickets, Certificate of Employment if employed, Business permit if business owner, ITR,and other IDs. Extra pocket money and credit cards if you have for emergency.

We highly suggest you just pack light.

Bring basic medicines and other health essentials when you travel.


Make sure you are healthy enough to travel. Sane and at the right state of mind. A bit of excitement would't hurt. Don't forget your cameras or phones to capture that momentous YOLO goals. A pen, yes, again, a PEN! A small notebook if you want to jot down some items when you travel. Or perhaps, a checklist on the places you want to visit.

For a detailed post, pls. check Travel to Taiwan with a budget less than Php 30K.

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